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Our Mission: We believe that education is a partnership with
responsibility shared by all: school, family, students, and community.
All individuals shall be provided a safe, positive environment
where they may reach their full potential as responsible citizens.
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Our Faculty and Staff

Photo: Wahkiakum High School Entrance, Cathlamet, WA Awesome students, caring staff, relevant curriculum, supportive parents, and community members, college readiness, and academic success continue to be the standard of education here in Mule country. This year will be no exception. Even though much has been said about the cutbacks across the state, WHS will continue in its mission to provide academic rigor, foster healthy relationships, and provide relevant curriculum to our student community.

And, here is the directory of the faculty and staff at Wahkiakum High School who help make this all happen:

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Wahkiakum High School - Staff List  
500 S. 3rd B398 Cathlamet, WA 98612 360-795-3271
Bob Garrett Superintendent rgarrett@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Stephanie Leitz High School Principal sleitz@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Rob Garrett Athletic Director jgarrett@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Marc Niemeyer College and Career Specialist mniemeyer@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Jasmin Lindholm Counselor jlindholm@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Bob Garrett District Homeless Education Liaison rgarrett@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Pam Moore HS Secretary pmoore@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Cheryl Parker HS Assistant Secretary cparker@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Don Cox
US History, Honors US History, Honors Contemporary World Problems, Honors World History, and American Literature dcox@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Sue Garn Art sgarn@wahksd.k12.wa.usu
Rob Garrett
Weight Training, Life Fitness, Health, and Athletic Director jgarrett@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Michele Haberlach
Algebra I/HS, Algebra II, Honors Algebra II, Pre-calculus/Math Analysis with Trig, and AP Calculus mhaberlach@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Kayli Hurley Engligh 11/12 kkhurley@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Kyle Hurley
Leadership & Careers, Natural Resources, Ag Science, Leadership/Food Science, CAD/Ag Mech/Adv. Ag Mech khurley@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Darla Mead Band/Choir dmead@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Marc Niemeyer
Weight Training and College/Career Specialist mniemeyer@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Tiffany Niemeyer
Spanish I and II, Albebra I/MS, Physical Science, and Graphics/Micro. Academy tniemeyer@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Audrey Petterson
English 9 and 10, Honors English 9/10,
AP English, Bridge English
Jeff Rooklidge
Biology, Honors Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Robotics jrooklidge@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Mike Thomas Geometry and World History mthomas@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Special Education, Resource Classes, and
Educational Support (IEPs) for Students with Special Needs
Kayli Hurley
Resource Room: Special Education
and Support (IEPs)
Karla Gates Intervention/Prevention Specialist karla.gates@esd112.org
Support Staff    
Joyce Wilson Library Aide jwilson@wahksd.k12.wa.us
Cindy Fudge
Student Support through the
GEAR UP Grant for College
Mary Heagy Custodian mheagy@wahksd.k12.wa.us