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Warrior Sports Teams

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The majority of our middle school students participate in at least one after-school sport sometime during the year. The local community is very supportive of our Warrior sports teams and travel to many of our "away" events, as well.

For all the detailed information on gate prices and various passes that are available (with and without your ASB card, download this Flyer on Season Passes and Individual Game Admission Prices.

Want to get in on lots of fun and also save money at MS sports events? Purchase an MS ASB card that's good for 1 school year for just $15.00 at the MS office with a check made payable to John C. Thomas Middle School.

Photo: Don't Forget to Get Your Annual Physical This Summer! Athletes—Don't Forget to Get Your Annual Sports Physical This Summer!

Warrior football and volleyball practices start August 20, 2018

All new and returning Warrior and Mule athletes MUST visit a doctor or health care provider this summer and submit a completed Physical Examination Form in order to be qualified to participate in Wahkiakum School District sports programs.

For all the requirements for participating in WSD athletics, please see the list below.

Fall Sports Schedules — Come Out and Support the Warriors!

Click on the links for the complete schedules of your favorite Warriors teams!

Boys' Middle School Football Schedule
    Practice starts Monday, August 20
    First game HERE vs Kalama on Thursday, Sept 13, 6:00pm
    Regular season runs through October 18

Girls' Middle School Volleyball Schedule
    Practice starts Monday, August 20
    First game HERE vs Napavine on Weds, Sept 5, 5:00pm
    Season runs through October 8

Pay-to-Participate: We Welcome Your Donations

Photo: Wahkiakum Middle School Warriors Sports Teams, Cathlamet, WA

Given the continued effects of declining revenue sources, the School Board is continuing the policy of having extracurricular participants pay a fee.

High school student athletes will be charged $60 per sport and middle school student athletes will need to pay $30 per sport. Athletes must pay their fee no later than one day prior to the first game/event (not the day of) in which the athlete is eligible and does not guarantee playing time.

Please make your checks for Pay-to-Play payable to the Wahkiakum School District for both MS and HS student athletes.

Low income students who request assistance, may tap the "donation pool" for 50% of their fee.

Donations are welcome and should be delivered to the District Office with a check payable to the Wahkiakum School District. If desired, your donations can be earmarked to assist a specific extracurricular program, otherwise they will go to a general "pot of money." If you want to make a 100% donation for a particular athlete for a particular sport, we will honor your request.

If you have any questions about making a donation, please contact the School District office at 795-3971, or either school building.

Middle School Sports Eligibility Policies

Students at the Middle School level who participate in sports have their grades checked every Friday. If students are failing a class/classes the students will be notified on Friday and have the weekend to work on assignments. These assignments must be turned in to the teacher before school on Monday. Test retakes are to be arranged by the teacher if permitted. In some cases there are no make-up assignments that can be given so it is important for athletes to keep their grades passing at all times. This is especially important at the beginning of each quarter when there are not many grades in the grade book and one poor grade or missing assignment can make a huge difference.

It is the athlete's responsibility to get the assignments to the teacher on Monday morning. If they are passing after the work is graded they will get to participate that week. If they are not passing they sit out of contests and do not travel with the team but still attend practices. If a student is not eligible for three weeks they are no longer a part of the team. For more detailed information, please refer to the Middle School Athletic and Activities Policies Handbook

Image of a Checklist: Don't Forget to Complete All Required Forms for Sports Forms Required to Participate in
WSD Extra-Curricular Athletic Programs

For each sports season, Middle School athletes must be sure they have submitted all the paperwork listed below and met all the eligibility requirements before the first practice in order to participate in a sport during that season.

If you have any questions, please contact our Athletic Director, Rob Garrett.

Checklist of Items Required for All Sports

Student Accident and Health Insurance

All student athletes are required to have health insurance coverage.

For those who do not have medical insurance, Wahkiakum School District makes available to parents a relatively low-cost Student Accident and Sickness Coverage for their children. Families without student athletes are also allowed to purchase this coverage, if they are so inclined. There is however, no requirement on the District's part for student non-athletes to have this coverage.

Forms are available through our student registration process, as well as in both school offices. Feel free to contact your student's school office for more information and/or to pick up the form describing the Student Accident and Health Insurance.

Coaches and Staff

Of course, these fantastic teams would not be possible without the support of our community and the dedication of the individual coaches:

Athletic Director:  Rob Garrett
Middle School Principal:  Nikki Reese

Boys Football: Football – Ryan Garrett (Head Coach) and Eli McElroy (Asst Coach)
Girls Volleyball: Tina Merz (Head Coach) and Stacey Wegdahl (Asst. Coach)
Boys Basketball: Ryan Garrett (Head Coach) and Eli McElroy (Asst Coach)
Girls Basketball: Tiffany Niemeyer (Head Coach) and Tina Merz (Asst Coach)
Boys Wrestling: Frankie Mendez (Head Coach)
Track: Bob Gawith (Head Coach), Ashley Martin (Co-Asst Coach) and Ashton Nunes (Co-Asst Coach)